Make the most of your listing is the island’s shop window and plays a vital role in promoting Jersey as a visitor destination, inspiring visitors to choose the island for their holidays and promoting all the island has to offer.

All tourism businesses can be listed on’s online directory. This is a free opportunity to showcase your business to over 40,000 people who visit the site each month. Include a clear description, a link to your website, contact information and anything else you believe will be useful for potential travellers to know.

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Digital That Delivers.

Visit Jersey hosted a five week training course for industry provided by Digital Jersey to help businesses upskill and improve their online presence. Read about the course, industry feedback and a local business ‘journey though digital transformation.

Digital That Delivers.

Market Segmentation

Knowing your market is the key to how you approach and deliver your marketing activity. By understanding who is interested in your product, you can communicate it in the right way, to the right audience, at the right time. It can help you find where these people are, which media channels will reach them and shape the creative that you put together.

The more targeted your advertising is, the better interaction and engagement you will get from the people seeing your ads, and ultimately make your budgets go further delivering stronger results.

It’s not just your marketing that benefits from understanding your audience, it’s also your product. Don’t try to be all things to all people, do what you do well, and do it for the people who appreciate it.

When you segment your audience, you create a subset of the larger market based on 4 main principals; demographics, psychographics, behaviours and geographical location.

How to segment your audience and what to consider

Define your market

Create your market segments

Profile each segment

Select your best prospect 

Visit Jersey’s best prospects

In 2021, we undertook research to identify our best prospects in the UK, France and Germany. This helps us shape our marketing activity to effectively cut through the noise in a crowded marketplace and bring the best return on our budgets. Aligning your activity with these segments, where relevant for your business, may also help shape your marketing plan and make us stronger together.

We have identified four key target markets

For Culture Chasers, it’s all about authentic experiences, self-exploring and relaxing.

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Destination Training

Discover what makes Jersey a place that’s familiar, yet ever so slightly exotic. Whether your clients are from within the UK or further afield, we have expertise, resources, and insider tips to help you plan the perfect island break and guide you through the process of creating a liberating and joyful client experience.

Destination Training

How to sell Jersey

Let’s work together to help Jersey shine a little brighter by reminding past visitors of Jersey’s special appeal and inspiring new visitors to experience the island for themselves.

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