Only by working together can we tell our island’s story

Imagine the Jersey you love. How does what you see and hear make you feel? Together, we have an opportunity to capture that feeling, reminding past visitors of Jersey’s special appeal and inspiring new visitors to experience the island for themselves. Let’s work together to help Jersey shine a little brighter.

Do you want to benefit from partnering with us in campaigns and activities that generate high returns on investment? Campaigns that boost your profile through association with Jersey’s brand? Find out more about partnering with us.
Partner Resources
Want to keep your ear to the ground about the latest industry events? Or signposts to industry bodies and accreditation schemes? Our partners are here to help ignite a new wave or pride and passion for Jersey.
Reaching the Consumer
In an increasingly competitive environment, it is essential to stand out to your customers. To do so, you must consider the variety of channels and platforms. We will break down how consumers search for tourism businesses in Jersey when they are planning and booking holidays, and the best methods of reaching those consumers.
Brand Partnerships
Strategic brand partnerships improve the quality and reach of our content and help us to share Jersey’s story. We are always looking to collaborate with brands that celebrate the lifestyle profile and unique experiences that characterise the distinctive personality of the island break.
What Makes a Good Offer
As part of the Where Sea Meets Soul campaign, we invite partners to share strong offers with us to profile to promote across our channels. The interest in FLEXIBLE OFFERs from prospective visitors remains prevalent.