Visit Jersey engaged independent research agency Colliers International to undertake a comprehensive audit of the tourism product available in Jersey and how this compares with other comparable destinations across the British Isles and elsewhere. The report also looked into how Jersey’s tourism product meets the needs and expectations of our best prospect target segments.

Another element of this project was the assessment of current and future demand-side trends for different types of tourism product and visitor experience, with a particular focus on our best prospect segments. The report identified areas where Jersey currently has a competitive advantage, and where, with some product development, Jersey should be able to take advantage of these trends. Areas such as history & heritage, arts & culture, food tourism, sustainable tourism, the great outdoors, destination hotels and events are explored.

Key Opportunities for Improvement

Some of the key opportunities for improvement identified by Colliers within the 2022 Tourism Product Audit include:

  • Achieving air routes to more continental destinations.
  • More branded full-service hotels (including, possibly, a uniquely Jersey style hotel e.g. Titanic Hotel in Belfast or Beatles Hotel in Liverpool).
  • More self-catering accommodation, partly achieved by enabling residents that go off-island for periods of time to let their property while they are not there.
  • Festivals and other initiatives, including marketing, that make much more of the “Big Four” foods that Jersey excels in: Jersey Royals, Dairy, Lobster, Oysters. Utilisation of the term “Big Four” and closer integration of tourism marketing with marketing of local produce.
  • A themed event in St. Helier lasting at least 9 days that is distinctive and has enough niche interest to attract visitors from outside the island.
  • Revamping the Central Market to be a foodie hub.
  • Revamping the public realm in St. Helier as part of an effort to promote the town as an enticing destination in its own right.
  • A small but world-class gallery displaying the work of Claude Cahun, preferably in her former home overlooking St Brelade’s Bay.
  • A new museum to display Jersey’s world class collection of prehistoric artefacts.
  • Achieving UNESCO Geopark designation and using it to interpret the history of the island more effectively.
  • Reopening of the Opera House in improved form and more venues for live entertainment.
  • One or more exceptional beach clubs.
  • Developing “wellness” as a primary theme of the product offer and marketing.
  • Enhancement of cycle-related services.

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This research built upon the Tourism Product Audit previously undertaken by Colliers in 2017 for Visit Jersey.

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