Product Action Group

The Product Strategy aims to lead, influence and manage all aspects of Jersey that contributes to the visitor’s experience. It takes into account the needs of visitors, local stakeholders and the environment. The purpose of the strategy is to define the development needs and opportunities for the island following an evidence-based approach. It serves as a shared statement of intent to achieve our ambition of reaching one million visitors by 2030, spending £500m per annum.


To deliver against the objectives outlined in the strategy and to target growth, a Product Action Group has been established with industry stakeholders in key product areas. The Product Action Group will focus on the priority actions to be implemented by partners over the next 3-5 years. The inaugural Product Action Group meeting took place on 24 January 2018 and explored the findings of the Jersey Product Audit and the Visitor Experience Research

Industry collaboration and commitment are crucial to the success of the Product Strategy, in order to address fragmentation, prioritise resources and recognise, strengthen and coordinate across different businesses.

If Jersey is to remain a competitive destination the island’s supplier base needs to inform and implement the Product Strategy, working collaboratively and in partnership with Visit Jersey.

Visit Jersey as the custodian of the Product Strategy, accountable for its delivery, needs a vehicle to cement industry ownership and drive forward implementation. The Product Action Group is this vehicle and will allow Visit Jersey to engage with the industry on key issues affecting and impacting on Strategy delivery.

After widespread industry consultation, we share below the ten key Product Action Group Recommendations and Deliverables. We will report on progress made at the next meeting scheduled for September 2018.

Product Action Group Recommendations and Deliverables

Product Action Group Inaugural Presentation, 24 January 2018

Product Action Group Terms of Reference