2017 saw Visit Jersey commission Kantar TNS and Island Global Research to conduct a nine-month project which entailed interviewing leisure visitors to Jersey to explore their experience across a range of key touch-points, with a particular focus on how the experience stacked up against that available in other parts of the British Isles.

The study uses the term ‘performance’ to describe how Jersey is rated for various attributes, and the term ‘preference’ for how strongly the respondent says they prefer Jersey to competitor destinations in relation to that attribute.

Important findings specific to this study include:

  • Visitors enjoy a strong relationship with Jersey which underpins a strong performance
  • However, ‘preference’ for Jersey could be enhanced, and this is vital in establishing a competitive advantage
  • Although not central to the enjoyment of many of Jersey’s current visitors, a distinct area of weakness that emerged was ‘evening activities’ where Jersey’s performance was rated less favourably than that offered by competitors
  • The prevalence and clarity of pedestrian signage was noted as a constant pain-point by many visitors who were interviewed
  • One of the areas of strongest potential growth is in the weekend short-break market, however of concern is the fact that those visiting for a weekend short-break rated Jersey’s value for money and shopping offer less favourably than did others
  • An area of strength compared with other areas of the British Isles was Jersey’s countryside and beaches
  • Those travelling to Jersey by plane rated both performance and preference more highly than did those travelling by sea
  • While those travelling in off-peak months rated Jersey’s performance more highly than those visiting in peak months, their ‘preference’ for Jersey was less strong than peak-month visitors – perhaps suggesting those visiting in off-peak months have a wider destination repertoire
  • Both performance and preference were markedly lower for those who had experienced heavy rain than those who had enjoyed dry and warm weather, and while this finding is likely to be universal across destinations it reinforces the need to have plenty of things to see and do in less clement conditions
  • ‘Things to see and do’ was the most important destination competency for Jersey’s current visitors and while the destination performed well across most attributes within this touch-point it had a below-average value for money rating being cited as much more expensive than equivalent activities in the UK
  • In terms of tourist information one area that performed below average was ease of finding the TIC, something that should be addressed by its relocation in spring 2018
  • Jersey performed well in terms of its food and drink offer but notable areas of weak performance were value for money and availability of locally sourced produce
  • The cost of reaching Jersey and frequency of ferry and flight connections were areas rated much less favourably than were the majority of attributes about which respondents were quizzed
  • Retail priorities include reviewing the range of shops available and the opening hours of these shops because they currently pose a relatively high threat to the strength of the visitor experience