UK Statistics

In 2015 residents of Great Britain took 124.4 million overnight domestic trips, with this being 9% up on 2014.  The amount spent on these trips also increased by 9% to £24.8bn.  On average each trip saw expenditure of £200 and lasted for three nights.  The volume of overnight trips is on a par with the situation a decade ago, as is the amount of expenditure once inflation is taken into account. 

Holiday trips accounted for 45% of all overnight trips and 57% of all expenditure, with the typical holiday trip lasting for 3.5 nights and seeing expenditure of £253.  The number of holiday trips is 8% higher than a decade ago whereas in real terms expenditure on holiday trips is 9% higher.  However, there has been considerable variation in the number of holiday trips across the past ten years, with 2009 seeing the strongest ‘staycation’ impact.

UK Statistics

During 2015 the number of ‘tourism day visits’ undertaken by GB residents stood at 1.525 billion with the amount of expenditure associated with these trips being £53.863 billion, giving an average expenditure per visit of £35.32.  The number of tourism day visits declined by 4% in 2014 while the amount spent remained flat.

Visitor attractions in England saw a 2% increase in admissions during 2015, with gardens, farms and theme parks all seeing growth of 7% whereas at the aggregate level museums and galleries along with places of worship saw a slight decline in admissions.

Looking at 2016 an issue with the survey that collates information on overnight tourism currently being investigated means that the most recent figures cover the period through to May 2016.  During the first five months the number of overnight trips was 6% down with the number of holiday trips 3% lower than during the first five months of 2015.

Figures on the number of ‘tourism day visits’ undertaken within Great Britain covers the first ten months of 2016 and shows an annual increase of 14%, with expenditure up by a slightly lesser amount of 10%.

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