Google My Business

Google allows you to create a Business Profile which displays across their services and is free, easy and personalised. It allows you to control the way your business is presented in Google search results and on Google Maps. Acquiring a profile is easy to do and allows you to showcase your business’ key information and images, products and services, connect with consumers, post updates, collate reviews, facilitate online orders and more.

Google currently occupies roughly 90% of the search engine market, so it is crucial to maximise your profile presence through a Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profiles have proven to be a key driver in improving the following areas:

  • Visibility – make your brand stand out from the crowd; personalise your profile and take control of first impressions by showcasing your business how you want it to be seen.
  • Engagement – easily communicate with consumers through events, posts, offers, reviews, and direct messaging.
  • SEO rankings – identify keywords and how consumers are finding your business to connect with them.
  • Operational costs – this free service allows organisations to take control of how they manage their business profile on Google.
  • Brand awareness – growing an organisation’s presence across Google services inspires brand authority and awareness as consumers become more familiar with a brand.
  • Consumer insights – identifies how consumers find and view your brand.

Visit Google Business Profile or watch this tutorial to answer any further questions you might have and get your Business Profile live.

You can also find a helpful Business Profile setup video guide here.

Google Marketing Kits

Google provides several FREE marketing toolkits to help accelerate your business’ online presence. From their digital and in-store toolkits, with printable posters, signs and stickers, to captivating promo templates and website templates; Google has you covered when it comes to creative starter kits. You must have a verified Google Business Profile in order to be eligible.

Marketing Kit

Free promotional materials

Marketing Kits for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Google Sites


Google Analytics

Your website is your shop window to the world, it showcases your brand and highlights your product. Google Analytics helps you understand who is browsing and who is buying. Knowledge is power; by reviewing the statistics available to you, you can improve and grow your business both online and in the island.

Google Analytics is a free web-based analytics tool that allows businesses monitor their website performance including identifying key statistics for SEO (search engine optimisation), user experience and marketing objectives. Businesses can access insights for apps and assess the success of digital marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics provides free online courses for GA4 that help organisations learn about Google’s measurement tools and ultimately assist in the growth of online performance.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

Identifies Key Statistics

Identifies User Behaviours

Targeted Marketing

Quantifies Insights and Data



As of July 2023, Google Analytics as we know it will change and all users will need to move to GA4. If you’re not set up on GA4 already, make sure you’re prepared well in advance to have as much data available as possible come July 2023.

GA4 is Google Analytics’ newest addition to the platform and all data will flow through this platfrom from 01 July 2023. It was created to streamline the previous versions by offering a new user interface that moves away from third-party platforms and towards artificial intelligence learning, which has proven to provide more accurate and valuable data, specific to user requirements. It has predictive capabilities that offer suggestions without complex models and theories.

Find out more about GA4 and make sure you’re set up in time for the next generation of Google Analytics.

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising system that allows your business to create targeted digital ads.

Google Support defines Google Ads as, ‘an online advertising program that allows organisations to create online ads that reach people exactly when they’re interested in the products and services that you offer’. Google Ads accounts are managed online, so you can create and change your ad campaign at any time and with immediate notice, including your ad text, settings and budget.

Why use Google Ads?

Targeted Advertisements

Operational Costs

Brand Awareness

Tracking Campaign Success

Campaign Controls

Google Reviews

Google Reviews provide users with key information and first-hand feedback about your business. The growth in zero-click searches has proven to significantly influence the way consumers identify your business, with over 90% (Qualtrics, 2020) of consumers stating that they check online customer reviews before making a purchase decision.

To get started you will need a Google Business Profile. Any reviews will then display next to your profile in Map and Search and will help you stand out from the competition.

Why use Google Reviews?

Improve Search Ranking and SEO

Build Brand Trust

Influence Purchase Decisions

No-cost Marketing

Gain Customer Insights

Once you’re set up and ready to go, make sure you’re actively encouraging your customers to leave a review. You can easily create a link that will take customers straight to where they can leave a review, making it easy for them. An example could be in your thank you emails and on receipts.