Spend on Island £0m


    £0m Accommodation
    £0m Food and drink
    £0m Transportation
    £0m Attractions and Activities
    £0m Retail and Shopping
    £0m Tours
    £0m Other
Visitors to Jersey 0


    0 Holiday Visits (Night)
    0 Day Trip Visits
    0 Visit friends & relatives
    0 Business Visits
    0 Other
Accommodation Potential 0


    0 Hotel & Guest House Bed Availability
    0 Self-Catering Bed Availability
    0 Youth Hostel Bed Availability
    0 Camping Capacity
Types of Accommodation 0+


    0 Hotels
    0 Campsites
    0 Guesthouses
    0+ Self-Catering
    0+ Airbnb on average
    0 Youth Hostels

Supporting Island Life

Tourism’s wider contribution to our community



Tourism directly and indirectly supported 11.6% of jobs
(7,100 jobs).

Sport and the Environment

Jersey attracts world class sports teams, from the British & Irish Lions, the England Rugby team and the Super League Triathlon. Events Jersey, part of Visit Jersey, currently supports local sports such as the Ballet D’Jerri through sponsorship opportunities

Jersey is an aspiring UNESCO Geopark.



Year-round connectivity for visiting friends/relatives and taking holidays abroad.

In 2019 there were 40 departure points for Jersey Airport across the UK and Europe with around 44,000 flights. Connectivity helps make Jersey attractive as a business location and supports locals with travel for leisure, business, sports and education.



Tourism - making Jersey better for visitors and locals by supporting:

    0+ Food & Drink Establishments
    0 Transport companies
    0 Travel Trade
    0 Attractions
    0 Activity Providers
    0 Events


In 2021, Jersey was endorsed as a must-visit destination by National Geographic, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Good Morning Britain. And in 2022 by Condé Nast Traveller and GEO Saison.

Peak season 0%+

June, July, Aug & Sep.
Average room occupancy in 2022 higher than 85%.

Shoulder season 0% – 0%

April, May, Oct.
Average room occupancy in 2022 65% - 80%.

Low season -0%

Jan, Fab, Mar, Nov, Dec.
Average room occupancy in 2022 50% or below.

Visitor Segmentation

Visit Jersey undertook significant evidence based research in 2022, demonstrating the appeal of the island and a larger pool of prospective visitors. Understanding these prospective visitors means we can effectively target them with our marketing activity. Below are the key things each segment want from a holiday. The percentage is the difference from average, demonstrating where they over-index on certain interests.

Authentic Adventurers

UK - 4.4 million
France - 1 million
Germany - 1 million

    +0% Experience new things
    +0% Experience a different culture
    +0% Wow factor/Instagram moment
    +0% Meet the locals
    +0% Get off the beaten track
    +0% Be physically active
    +0% Get authentic experiences
    +0% Go wildlife spotting
Cultural Chasers

UK - 4 million
France - 0.8 million
Germany - 0.9 million

    +0% Experience arts/theatre shows
    +0% Visit historic sites
    +0% Enjoy gourmet food
    +0% Get authentic experiences
    +0% Experience a different culture
    +0% Shop at local markets
    +0% Broaden the mind
    +0% Learn something new
Easy Explorers

UK - 3.6 million
France - 0.4 million
Germany - 1.1 million

    +0% Get off the beaten track
    +0% Have peace & quiet
    +0% Be physically active
    +0% Go wildlife spotting
    +0% Visit historic sites
    +0% Meet the locals
    +0% Broaden the mind
    +0% Tour around/explore
Moment Makers

UK - 6 million
France - 0.8 million
Germany - 1 million

    +0% Experience a night-time destination
    +0% Gather stories to tell/ share on Instagram
    +0% Enjoy being in/on the sea
    +0% Range of shopping opportunities
    +0% Feel spoilt
    +0% Enjoy gourmet food
    +0% Wow factor/Instagram moment
    +0% Visit the coast