Visit Jersey’s 2019 destination plan aims to identify and cultivate events which offer long-term growth prospects and put Jersey on the map outside the main season.

In 2019 the Events Jersey Incubator Marketing Programme was launched with budget to help support event marketing in Jersey. Since then, Events Jersey have worked in partnership with multiple local organisations such as Luxury Jersey Hotels, Taste Jersey, Rat Race, ArtHouse Jersey, 13th Parish Festival of Independent Film and Music and Jersey SwimRun.

The programme is not for the funding of event logistics or operational elements. It is focused specifically on providing event marketing to generate demand off-island to attract incremental visitors in the shoulder seasons.

If you are hosting an event in Jersey and interested in taking part in the programme, find out more about how you can apply for funding below.

For 2023 and beyond, Events Jersey will continue to seek two or three new event partners to collaborate with. Events Jersey will coordinate the agreed marketing activity, with input from the event partner.

Those interested in this programme will be required to meet the criteria outlined on the application form. Please download the form below, fill in your event information, and submit this with your details to [email protected]

What isn’t eligible

  • Event infrastructure costs
  • Community events
  • One off-events
  • Religious events
  • Community events/public holidays
  • Touring events
  • Business events
  • Events owned/managed by Government of Jersey


Interested Applicants

Interested applicants should formally submit their event proposals in the first instance by emailing the product team, [email protected] in no more than a paragraph as to why they should like to be considered.

Launch funds will be provided for one year only. This wouldn’t prevent support being given by Visit Jersey through other marketing support mechanisms.

All applicants are expected to share their views on the effectiveness of the programme through the Trade Satisfaction Survey. This will help to inform the future direction and development of the programme.