Visit Jersey’s new campaign ‘Where Sea Meets Soul’ encourages tourists from the UK, Germany and France to experience Jersey as a ‘breath of fresh air,’ inspiring them with curated product experiences that provide compelling reasons to visit Jersey year-round. It positions Jersey as a breathtakingly beautiful place to recharge, renew and reinvigorate your soul over a fresh feel-alive break.

Launching on 04 March and running until 31 May, Jersey’s 45 miles of stunning coastline takes centre stage, showcasing the island’s natural beauty and positioning the island as an ideal destination for outdoor experiences, coastal adventures, local gastronomy and rejuvenating wellness opportunities.

The spring-summer 2024 campaign approach

A digital / data first approach


Audience extension

Broader territories

Aerial view of Jersey

What's the big idea?

Our island story has been shaped by the sea. ‘Where Sea Meets Soul’ celebrates the elemental magic in our fresh sea air and wild beauty that makes you feel alive.

The campaign showcases Jersey’s stunning coastline, rich history, and charming countryside to inspire visitors.

Tackling challenges head-on

The campaign assets and creative directly address three key challenges faced by the island:

  • Low destination awareness
  • Lack of understanding about the island’s location
  • Outdated perceptions of the island (small and nothing to do)

Where Sea Meets Soul brings in a fresh new look and feel that addresses outdated perceptions of Jersey.

Stunning aerial footage shows the connection between land and sea, and demonstrates the expansive, dramatic feel of the island’s coastline.

Strong emphasis is placed on the ease of travel connectivity from the UK and Europe through maps, graphic devices and geographical anchors on every creative execution, providing a strong sense of place.

Distinct propositions for each of our five core product pillars have been developed which resonate closely with our audience’s motivation to travel, highlighting compelling reasons to visit year-round.

Planning for attention

Stunning aerial imagery has been captured by local drone photographer Marc Le Cornu (BAM Perspectives). A range of media has been selected to best reach each audience segment. These include:

  • Sky Video on Demand
  • Cinema
  • Out of Home (London Underground and mainline railway stations)
  • Radio (Classic FM)
  • Digital advertising

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How to get involved

We need your support to amplify the story, whether it is sharing the campaign messaging, using a stunning campaign image or ensuring your listing reflects how your business will be celebrating the campaign theme. Images and a few carefully selected words can transform your promotional effort.