Key findings from the report

A significant contribution to the economy:

  • The total impact of tourism is equivalent to 8.3% of GVA including wider impacts.
  • Tourism activity supports more than 7,000 jobs or 12.6% of all headcount.
  • Half of all spending by visitors was on accommodation.
  • The tourism sector directly generates 3.7% of Jersey’s GVA and 8.6% of employment but with some larger benefits to the wider economy. There are strong linkages between tourism and other key sectors in Jersey.
  • Tourism employment can provide economic diversification and protect against external shocks.
  • Tourism spending raised almost £13 million GST for the Treasury; 15% of all GST raised. Revenues gained from tourism more than offset public funding of the sector.

Islanders benefit from tourism infrastructure and jobs:

  • Jersey residents benefit from the availability of tourism infrastructure in daily activities. For example, hotels and restaurants for tourists are also used by the island’s resident population, improving quality of life.
  • Tourism infrastructure helps to support the standard of life enjoyed by those employed in the important financial services sector.
  • Better transportation links also affords Jersey residents broader opportunities to travel for business or leisure.
  • Tourism infrastructure supports other business activity and inward investment by improving the perception of Jersey as a place to do business.
  • The finance industry and the tourism industry share the objective of ensuring good transport connections as well as making Jersey an attractive place to live.
  • In an economy where higher level skills are concentrated in the financial services sector, tourism provides a wide range of opportunities and can be a stepping stone for skills development.
  • With immigration limits, some better training of residents would help to meet replacement and new employment demand.