Black Butter - Lé Nièr Beurre

The National Trust for Jersey will once again be making ‘Black Butter’ at The Elms, La Chève Rue, St. Mary with apples from its orchards and others around the Island next week a month earlier than usual as a result of an early harvest. 

Volunteers have been invited to embrace the community spirit and participate in the ancient art of ‘Black Butter’ making. Apple peeling commences from 2pm to 5pm on Thursday 17 September, in a marquee on the front lawn of the mail House at The Elms.

Black butter

On Friday 18 apple peeling will resume and early in the morning the fire will be lit in the bake house and the peeled apples will start to be added to a giant copper bachin. 

Stirring of this wonderful aromatic mixture will commence through the day and all through the night until the early hours of Saturday morning. Towards the end of the cooking, spices, liquorice and lemons will be added and around midday jars will be filled with the freshly made ‘Black Butter’, labelled and topped with pretty fabric covers and will be for sale in the coming weeks. 

Unlike previous years and as a result of the current Covid-19 restrictions, all volunteers have to pre-book times spaces to peel, stir or jar up and on Saturday the usually sleepy courtyard at The Elms will remain quiet as there will be no annual market day.

The marquee will be decorated by Graeme Le Marquand President of the Jersey Branch of the National Vegetable Society and Jill Green, award winning florist. The Trust would also like to thank Mrs Perrée for the loan of the rabôts and Sam Pallot for the bachin!

If you would like images of last year’s event, please email Donna on