JB’s Brewhouse named one of the ‘Top 50 Best Burgers in the World’

JB’s Brewhouse named one of the ‘Top 50 Best Burgers in the World’ by Big 7 Travel. The local restaurant, bar and home of microbrewery, Bliss Brew Co. has been listed at 38th in the World’s top 50 Best Burgers making it 3rd in the United Kingdom.

Big7 Travel writes: ‘With a team based across the world, we have one finger on the pulse for all the latest travel trends. We’re practical, but never boring. Big 7 Travel is a new way to discover the world through simple yet beautiful content that you actually use. Whether it’s the ’50 Best’ islands across the world or where to find the world’s best cocktails, we look to audience surveys and reader suggestions – as well as our editorial team – for these. For travellers, they’re (burgers) one of the most ubiquitous foods out there, delivering the perfect punch of flavour and filling. We enjoy working our way through local cuisines in far-flung corners of the globe, but sometimes all you want is a big, beautiful burger. And, you don’t have to go too far to find them. They’re everywhere. From Australia to Argentina, we’ve rounded up the best burgers in the world for 2022 using a ranking system that considers editorial experience, critic reviews, customer feedback, location and accessibility, presentation, value for money and atmosphere. You’ll likely recognise some old-time favourites here, but there are dozens of newbies worth raving about too. Get ready to drool.’

JB's Brewhouse

JB’s Brewhouse is part of the BeServed Group, (which also includes The Lido at Havre Des Pas, The Jersey Royal Distillery Company and partial ownership of the Bliss Brewing Company) and is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Joshua Band and Marcus Calvani. JB’s became the second restaurant in Jersey to have some of its food Genuine Jersey certified.

Co-owner, Marcus Calvani comments: This award is not just a recognition for our burger, it’s far more than that. This is recognition for everyone that’s involved in the creation of each and every burger. Our entire BeServed team over the past seven years at JB’s, who have had to put up with my obsession to use local, I know at times, it hasn’t been the easy or most sensible route! Without the relationship we have built with the Le Boutillier family at Woodlands Farm over the past years, we wouldn’t be able to serve only Jersey beef as a group. Their product has been taken to an entirely new quality level. It has been incredible to be part of and something I’m really proud of and still just as passionate about. Our work with the Dodge family at Vienna Bakery and their dedication to exceptional quality is equally seen in our signature buns. This World’s Top 50 listing is for all of us, it’s payback for all the hard work, an achievement for pushing the boundaries and dedication to local produce, and a recognition for our Island as being a destination where not only locals and visitors can genuinely ‘eat local’, but that ‘local’ can be one of the 50 best in the World!”

Co-owner, Josh Band said: “Seeing our name amongst a list of the who’s who of global burger restaurants is still sinking in! We’ve been so dedicated to making all our smokehouse food as local, fresh, made from scratch and authentic for so long now. Our dedication to our burger is probably on the verge of obsessive!