November Passenger Arrivals Data

The following is based on the total flow of passengers arriving, and as such includes both arriving visitors and returning residents.


  • In November there were only 2,900 arrivals at the airport across 9 different routes, as routes and frequency of flights were significantly reduced due to the pandemic. This reflected a decease of 95% compared to November 2019. This is also significantly lower than the 11,000 passengers who arrived during July 2020 when Jersey’s borders first re-opened after lockdown.
  • 40% of arrivals during November were on the BA Heathrow route with 25% from Gatwick with easyJet and 19% from Southampton with Blue Islands, with the remainder coming from a small number of passengers from each of Funchal, Liverpool, Rennes, Bristol, Guernsey and Birmingham.
  • Looking at the year to date period, there have been 205,200 arrivals at the airport, which is a 74% decline in arrivals compared to the same period last year. The London Gatwick route accounted for 43% of all arrivals during the first 11 months of this year, with Heathrow accounting for 13%, Southampton accounting for 10% and Liverpool accounting for 9%. Arrivals across all routes for the year-to-date period are unsurprisingly significantly lower than the same period last year, except for London Heathrow which wasn’t operating as a commercial route during 2019, but has accounted for just under 25,800 arrivals since it started operating during July 2020.

Harbour & Marina

  • At the harbour and marina, there were only 520 arriving passengers in November, a decrease of 93% compared to November 2019 (which saw 7,500 arrivals). The Portsmouth route accounted for the majority of arrival during November (57%) with 35% arriving on the St Malo route. There were no arrivals from Poole during November, as Condor cancelled its high-speed sailings between Poole and the Channel Islands for 4 weeks due to a lack of demand.
  • Looking at the period from January – November 2020, there were 39,200 arrivals at the harbour and marina, a decrease of 88% compared to the same period last year. Both Poole and St Malo accounted for similar proportions of arrivals during this period (43% and 42% respectively) and Portsmouth accounted for 10%.


  • For the period January to November 2020, arriving passengers (both visitors and returning residents) at both the airport and the harbour amounted to just over 244,400, reflecting a decrease of 84% compared to the same period last year, which saw 1,114,140 arriving passengers. This is a decrease of nearly 869,700 arriving passengers.
November Arrivals

November Passenger Arrivals