Rewild Yourself

The economy and environment are intimately interconnected. Nature creates the condition conducive to all life on this planet, human and non-human alike. We are healthier and wealthier if we tune into nature. The world is on the verge of a mass awakening to this and coming to the realisation that technology is turning us all into glassy eyed zombies! To combat this, an increasing number of people are looking to retreats and getaways to counter physical and mental implications of their faced-paced, high stress and chemical-filled contemporary lifestyle.

rewild yourself

Why rewild yourself?

A holiday in the island break can facilitate the rewilding process. The core of the ‘Rewild Yourself’ product celebrates the island’s power to refresh and revitalise, reconnect and rediscover through a reintroduction into nature.

Industry Toolkits

Download the toolkit below to discover how you can get involved in the campaign. In the toolkit you can find more information about:

  • Why rewild yourself?
  • Be inspired with case studies
  • Create your rewilding experience
  • Share your story

Rewild Yourself Industry Toolkit

Rediscover Yourself Rewilding Guide

Ever feel like the best version of you needs to come up for air? Escape to an island where being at one with nature is more than a mantra, it’s close enough to touch. Discover the island retreat with a trail map of Jersey's goals for your soul and discover our 12 bookable experiences to incorporate into your trade programmes. 

Discover The Island Retreat - Rewilding Guide


Use these itineraries in your tour operator programmes and inspire your clients to rewild in the island break.

Rediscover Yourself - 6 Day Itinerary

Rediscover Yourself - 3-4 Day Itinerary

Rediscover Yourself - 1 Day Itinerary