Are you ready to Go Wild with Durrell?

What is Go Wild Gorillas?

Go Wild Gorillas is an art trail, in partnership with Wild in Art, consisting of brightly coloured, artist imagined, life-size gorilla sculptures, which will be placed across Jersey and will lead people on a trail of discovery, not only to see the gorillas themselves, but the nature in which they are placed.

Durrell’s event partner, Wild in Art, is an expert in the creation of mass participation art trails. By bringing artists, businesses, schools and communities together, Go Wild Gorillas will generate momentum and support to achieve Durrell’s aim to create a wilder, healthier and more colourful world for future generations.

Go Wild

Get Involved

We'd love for you to get involved with this unique opportunity. 

Sponsor a Gorilla - There are still opportunities to have one of these colourful animals with your name on it! Sponsors include businesses, individuals, and public sector organisations who want to associate their brand with creativity, civic pride, conservation, and fun.

Host a Gorilla - Have you got a location that would show off one of these majestic beasts? We promise he doesn't need much feeding! You can upload special offers that can be redeemed in the Go Wild Gorilla app to encourage people to pass by the gorilla and spend money in your business. 

Create a bespoke offering - You don't need a gorilla on your doorstep to get involved. Why not organise an event that captures the fun and spirit of the project and tell Durrell about it? How about hosting a guided gorilla walking tour, a gorilla running trail or even a special bus tour? 

In addition to the obvious profile and fundraising benefits for Durrell, from experience of other art trails elsewhere, the project aspires to:

  • Increase tourism reach and numbers
  • Increase visitor dwell time and spend
  • Drive foot traffic to hidden gems
  • Encourage locals to explore and become tourists on their own island
  • Provide some great stories to share
  • Get people walking more and spending time with their families out in the fresh air
  • Entertain, educate and engage children and adults

To participate in this exciting experience contact Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Beth Gallichan at +44 (0)1534 860022 or Alex Shears at