Field To Fork

Serving up island life. 

Jersey's 'Field to Fork' story is the first of Jersey's Signature Experiences entitled 'Only in Jersey'. The theme underpins the marketing campaign, 'Serving up island life'. We invite you to develop fresh experiences to help us build an appetite for our visitors and leave them with an authentic taste of Jersey. 

field to fork

Why Field To Fork?

Eating and drinking is something that all visitors do. But why just serve a meal when you can serve a memory? As a small island famous for its food, Jersey’s bursting with flavour. This year we’re looking to add that extra seasoning to give our product depth.

You don’t need to be a Michelin-Starred restaurant to serve up island life. From wild foraging to beach cafes, pop-up restaurants to ice cream huts, Jersey has a lot on its plate for the hungry visitor.

You can even collaborate with each other to create a fresh experience – sunset beach yoga + a seafood BBQ? Food for thought...

Meet the 21st Century Foodie

Increasingly, food is an important factor in influencing holiday decision making. Visit Jersey’s research shows that for 90% of holiday makers, eating out is an important part of a holiday as well as trying local dishes. Around 40% of visitors say that the food offer can influence where they go on holiday.

Today’s holiday maker is discerning and often takes an interest in the provenance of their food. We want to help build relationships between our local food and drink producers and the wider tourism industry, in a way that can benefit us all. By enhancing our food offering and celebrating what is unique to Jersey, we can inspire our visitors to be our biggest ambassadors and drive demand for the island’s food and drink exports.

Be on the menu!

Whether you are an accommodation or activity provider, restaurant or retailer, help develop Jersey’s sense of taste. Download the toolkit for inspiration on how to get involved and serve up island life to our visitors. Or why not pop in with product to discuss the opportunities to shape unique experiences? Find out more here

Campaign Assets

Get a full flavour of our campaign - download the industry toolkit and find out how your business can get involved.

Field to Fork Toolkit

Foodie Guide 

In Jersey, our food is as fresh as the sea air. From field to fork in the time it takes for the tide to rise, it’s served just as nature intended. Experience the island’s rich natural larder with a trail map of Jersey's world famous flavours and discover our 12 bookable experiences to incorporate into your trade programmes. 

Jersey's Foodie Guide


Invite your clients to work up a healthy appetite with a breath of fresh sea air as the new season bursts into life. Use these itineraries in your tour operator programmes and inspire your clients to tuck into a serving of island life.

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Serving up island life - 3-4 Day Itinerary

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