Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

OTAs are third-party, web-based marketplaces that allow consumers to explore and purchase travel services and associated products from flights, hotels, tours and more.

OTAs allow your business to reach new or potential consumers on a much larger scale that may be difficult with your own marketing techniques and channels. They can reach people quickly and are also great for filling short lead, last minute availability. OTAs provide your business with tools for targeting travellers, whilst securing bookings and communicating with prospective visitors.

According to research carried out by Expedia, OTAs are also a good way of reaching a younger audience, with over 50% of this market booking their trips away through online travel agents.

Key tips for working with OTAs

Identify the right OTA that fits your requirements and will help you to achieve your organisational goals.

  • What commission do they charge?
  • Do they offer integrated booking systems that can work with your website and booking systems?
  • Do they provide 24 hour support services?
  • Will they target the right audience?