Make the most of trade events

Sales missions, exhibitions and other trade events such as Destination Jersey are a great way to meet key industry partners and build new and existing relationships. Here’s out top tips to take full advantage of the events you attend.

Meeting the right people from the right organisation is the key to success. More important than the number of meetings you hold is ensuring you meet with people who have an interest in your offering and the potential to sell your product.

Forward planning will help ensure your business gets the most out of your trade event attendance. 

    Make the most of trade events


    • Be prepared to take part in the same event over a number of years. Awareness of your product will significantly increase each year, as will your own expertise and knowledge of how to work the show
    • Research who is attending, the markets they operate in, and whether they sell competitors’ products or complementary products. If it’s appropriate, include pre- and post-sales calls in your planning.
    • Set clear goals and ensure your staff members are well prepared and committed to meeting your trade marketing objectives
    • Tailor your presentation to the needs and interests of your audience. Describe what about your product is unique, authentic and immersive,
    • Develop a sales kit including brochures, product fact sheets, your sales presentation, a collection of images and video content on USB, display banners and brochures. Ensure your marketing materials are designed, printed and delivered well in advance
    • Send thank you emails after meetings and follow up on any requests you get for further information.