AI the tourism opportunity – driving productivity enhancements 

IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence (A.I), Virtual Reality (VR)… Is this a lot of jargon that doesn’t mean anything to you? Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to the performance of seemingly intelligent behaviours by computers or machines. Cutting through the jargon, in plain terms, this means driving cost savings, increased revenue and profitability for your business. 

AI Productivity

More and more businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector are leveraging smart digital technologies to better meet travellers’ individual expectations.

Smart solutions are not yet quite smart enough to fully replace human staff: Tokyo’s Henn-na Hotel — the world’s first hotel run largely by robots — recently “fired” more than half of its 243-robot staff after guests said they were inefficient and irritating. 

However, there are many examples where AI is benefiting the customer experience. These include:

  • Chatbots for front-facing customer service providing direct messaging and online chat services, responding to simple questions or requests 24/7.
  • Amazon’s Alexa in hotel rooms facilitate room service, adjust controls for lighting and temperature; 
  • Face scansto complete check in, ride the elevator to the appropriate floor and enter rooms;
  • Smart braceletswith a Bluetooth connection whichallows guests to open room doors and pay for services and purchases;

Although the tourism and hospitality sector remain human labour intensive, we can’t dodge the disruption that AI is bringing to global industries. According to a report by Colliers International, 73 percent of the manual activities in hospitality could be automated by 2025 due to mainstream deployment of technologies such as facial and speech recognition, robotics, virtual reality, biometrics, etc.

Visit Jersey in partnership with Jersey Business, Digital Jersey and the Jersey Hospitality Association are working with Rarely, an experiment agency to help businesses transform through technology. 

We are looking for partners across the tourism and hospitality sector to work with us on a pilot from May. These include a mid-range and luxury hotel, a guest house, an attraction/activity provider, and a restauranteur.

  • Do you have a problem which needs solving? 
  • Fancy saving £5k over a 12-month period? 

We want to collaborate with you to explore the AI opportunity and leave our visitors with lasting memories. The commitment on your part:

  • A financial commitment of £3k-£6k
  • Run the experiment over a minimum of 8 weeks 
  • Participate during the peak season

Findings will be presented to the sector as a case study at Jersey’s Enterprise Week in the week commencing 16 September to inspire Jersey’s tourism industry to increase productivity and competitiveness.  

Download the proposal to find out more.  Email to find out more and register your interest. 

AI Rarely Proposal