Black Butter Making with the National Trust for Jersey

Peelers, Stirrers and Fillers required….

The National Trust for Jersey will once again be making ‘Black Butter’ at The Elms, La Chève Rue, St. Mary with apples from its orchards and others around the island. 

Volunteers are invited to embrace the community spirit and participate in the ancient art of ‘Black Butter’ making. Apple peeling commences from 2pm to 5pm on Thursday 25th October, in the beautifully decorated pressoir and participants will be rewarded with tea and Jersey Wonders for their efforts. There is no need to bring anything unless volunteers have a favourite apple peeler and all ages are welcome.

black butter

On Friday 26th apple peeling will resume and early in the morning the fire will be lit in the bake house and the peeled apples will start to be added to a giant copper bachin. 

Stirring of this wonderful aromatic mixture will commence through the day and all through the night until the early hours of Saturday morning. Towards the end of the cooking, spices, liquorice and lemons will be added and late morning jars will be filled with the freshly made ‘Black Butter’, labelled and topped with pretty fabric covers.

Friday evening is always a lively affair with home-made bean crock, soup and other home-made refreshments and live entertainment from ‘Friends of the Tone Deaf’.  The music and food hopefully encouraging and entertaining the hardy peelers and stirrers into the evening! Breakfast is also provided for those brave volunteers that stir into the small hours.  

On Saturday the usually sleepy courtyard at The Elms will be transformed and filled with stalls selling a host of ‘Genuine Jersey’ produce including cider and sausages, wood fired pizza, homemade soups and salads, freshly made bread, apple juice, eggs, vegetables, locally produced honey (some from the hives in the orchard at The Elms), flour milled at Le Moulin de Quetivel as well as textiles, artwork and ceramics and of course the delicious, dark and fragrant freshly made Black Butter, often referred to as ‘Christmas in a jar’.

Children can carve pumpkins and get involved in a range of apple ‘crafts’ and there will be live music throughout the day from Acappella Brass, Kevin Pallot and Les Haricots Vert amongst other performers. The Helier Morris Men will also be performing at 2pm.

Parking is available at Granite Products with a shuttle service to and from the site throughout the day.

The National Trust for Jersey has partnered with JPRestaurants who are sponsoring this year’s Black Butter Making.  Dominic Jones, Director, said “It’s a wonderful annual event that celebrates our community spirit and at the same time adapts a centuries old tradition to the modern age. In many ways the event is like the National Trust for Jersey itself; preserving  the best of our past to enhance and bring pleasure to our frenetic,  present-day lives”. 

The Pressoir will be decorated by Graeme Le Marquand President of the Jersey Branch of the National Vegetable Society and new for 2018, the Jersey Ikebana society. The Trust would also like to thank Granite Products for the use of its site for parking, Mrs Perrée for the loan of the rabôts and Sam Pallot for the bachin!

For more information please contact Charles Alluto or Donna Le Marrec on +44 (0)1534 483193.