December Passenger Arrivals 2019

Ports of Jersey have released the December 2019 passenger arrival data.

Passenger arrivals at Jersey Airport were 5.2% higher than had been the case a year earlier. At the Harbour arrivals were 16% lower than in December 2018.

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Headlines in December

  • The number of passengers arriving at Jersey Airport was 5.2% higher than had been the case a year earlier
  • In terms of absolute growth the strongest contribution came from Gatwick arrivals which increased by 2,300 and represented half of all arrivals during the month
  • Airport arrivals from Guernsey, Manchester and Edinburgh all enjoyed growth of close to 1,000, with Guernsey and Manchester now seeing competition and Edinburgh enjoying its first access at this time of year
  • A number of routes saw declining arrivals, most notably Southampton and East Midlands
  • At the Harbour the number of arriving passengers was 16% lower than in December 2018
  • All routes witnessed a reduction in numbers with the most sizeable drop being from St Malo where numbers were down by almost 1,000
  • Looking at the combined air and sea situation passenger arrivals for December were 2% up on the year before


Headlines for January to December

  • The Airport saw arrivals increase by 2.9% or 24,000
  • Gatwick accounted for 40% of arrivals during the year and saw its tally of arrivals increase 3% to 343,000
  • Four other routes enjoyed growth in excess of 5,000 during the year, namely Liverpool, Guernsey, Manchester and London Southend
  • Routes sustaining the largest declines in arrivals were Southampton and Birmingham
  • At the Harbour arrivals were 4.3% lower than in 2018, a drop of more than 14,000
  • The route seeing the largest decline was that from St Malo where arrivals fell by more than 7,600 but this route still represents more than half of all arrivals at the Harbour
  • The only routes to see a year-on-year increase were those from Carteret, Sark and Dielette
  • Both the number of cruise ship passengers and visiting yachtsmen saw declines
  • Taking Sea and Air arrivals together, 2019 brought an increase of 0.9%, or just shy of 10,000
  • During 2019 Air accounted for 73% of all arrivals, an increase from 71% in 2018

December 2019 Passenger Arrival Data