Eat Local Challenge

The Jersey Local Food Challenge will return at the end of August, challenging islanders to see how much of their weekly diet they can supplement with local produce. The challenge, which will run from 19 – 25 August, aims to educate people on how easy it is to make small changes to eat more sustainably and the health benefits that are derived from food with a lower carbon footprint. 

Eat Local

This year organiser Bethan Watkins is hoping to attract more participants than ever before with multiple ways in which you can take part. 

Bethan said: “From last year’s challenge I have recognised that for many, making the change to buying all local produce can be daunting. This event is all about forming healthy habits which will stick, which is why you can either swap just one food item to a local alternative, eat one fully local meal each day or eat fully local produce for the entire week. There is also the option to eat local organic produce as the environmental and health benefits of this shouldn’t be ignored.” 

Bethan will be helping people to search out the best places to buy their produce for the week by sharing a ‘hedge veg’ and farm shop map of the island and publishing a list of local food outlets who will be supporting the challenge by offering their customers a fully-local option for the week. 

Alongside the week long challenge Bethan will also be hosting a community cookout with the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society’s Cultivate Programme. The exclusive event will be a celebration of local cuisine and a showcase of what is seasonally available. At the end of the week there will be a day of fun, food and music held at Scoop Co-Operative to raise awareness of the benefits of buying more from local producers and outlets. 

For more information on how you can take part visit the Jersey Local Food Challenge page on Facebook.