Hip Hop legends join Weekender rosta

Whether you're a fan of house music or a fan of hip-hip, there's a strong chance you've found yourself in a club somewhere chanting 'House music all night long, house music all night long...', perhaps without appreciating the significance of the tune. The tune was recorded by American Hip Hop pioneers Jungle Brothers and this September, marking 30 year since its release, Weekender organisers are proud to add their iconic sound to their festival line-up.


The late eighties saw the paths of hip hop and house music collide. As the Chicago house sound was giving birth to new sub genres of dance music and hip hop artists were dipping their toe into jazz, the New York based group were taking the two genres and fusing them to create a unique sound. When 'I'll House You' dropped in 1988, The Jungle Brothers secured their place in music history.

The Jungle Brothers' signature sound not only expanded the genres they chose to fuse; mixing jazz, hip hop and house, but they also paved the way for a new hip hop movement, The Native Tongues collective and groups such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, whilst introducing beaded Africa medallions, Q-Tip and term 'Jimbrowski' to the rap world.

The album that carried 'I'll House You', 'Straight out the Jungle', was released the same year as NWA's 'Straight Outta Compton' and actually ranked above it in The Source's list of the best 100 Rap Albums of all time, featuring 'Because I got it like That' and 'Black is Black'. The follow up, 'Done by the Forces of Nature' also got rave reviews. Between 1988 and 2006, the group recorded 8 albums of uplifting, positive music that continues to keep them in the ranks of hip-hop royalty. If there's one thing for sure, it's that the Jungle Brothers' afrocentric sound, coolest-of-the-cool vibe and fearless approach makes them an act not to miss