Trends in domestic overnight tourism in England - March 2019

VisitEngland has released the latest findings from the Great Britain Tourism Survey which measures the volume and value of overnight tourism within Great Britain.

The data relates to domestic trips that were completed during the month of March 2019.  It should be noted that the shift in the timing of Easter from late March 2018 to mid April 2019 will have had some impact on the figures.

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The latest figures reveal that when looking on domestic overnight trips within England during March:

  • Across all trip purposes combined the number of overnight visits declined by 7.4% with every month so far in 2019 being in negative territory
  • Nights spent away from home on domestic trips fell by 20.2% possibly reflecting the longer length of stay associated with Easter trips in March of 2018
  • The amount spent on overnight domestic trips decreased by 2.7% in nominal terms
  • By trip purpose the number of domestic overnight holidays was 4.0% higher than the year before, whereas visits to friends and relatives fell by 23.6% and business trips by 1.2%
  • Despite the modest rise in the number of overnight Holiday trips this segment witnessed sharp declines in both the number of nights spent away from home and as a result the amount spent
  • The average per person expenditure on domestic overnight holidays during the first quarter of 2019 stands at £201, down from £217 for the same period of last year, with an average length of stay of 2.48 nights compared with 2.69 for the equivalent period of 2018

The following chart shows trends in the volume of trips by journey purpose on a rolling twelve-month basis.

March Statistics