‘We Have the Power’ - Booklet launch

The National Trust for Jersey and Jersey Electricity are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘We Have the Power’ booklets. 

These provide information on Climate Change, and more importantly, suggestions for how we can make a difference.

Jersey Electricity became the new sponsor partner of the National Trust for Jersey’s Education Programme in 2020. Under the banner ‘We Have the Power’, the programme aims to raise awareness of the causes of climate change and the small and large scale carbon reduction steps needed to curb it.

As well as conducting a series of school classes, during which the booklets will be distributed, the Trust and JE are putting the finishing touches to the innovative ‘Climate Hub’ at Le Moulin de Quétivel. This will be launched shortly and is to be a learning centre for climate change and biodiversity education activities for schools and members, where events such as wormery, bug hotel and solar-oven making classes will be staged. The exhibition features displays on climate change and local biodiversity, and excitingly, Jersey’s first working hydro-generator. This was built and installed by JE to generate electricity from the mill’s waterwheel, as a working example of hydro power, and will power an audio and visual display.

The Climate Hub will also form the ‘headquarters’ for the exciting new Power Rangers initiative due to be launched during the school Easter holidays.

The National Trust for Jersey was established in 1936. Today the Trust cares for 30 historic buildings, 1,750 vergées of land (covering 174 sites) and over 19,000 metres of public footpath. 

Our vision is to protect Jersey’s natural beauty, preserve its rich wildlife and safeguard its historic buildings permanently for everyone to enjoy and experience. Our core principles are conservation, public benefit and sustainability.

We aim to achieve this through vigilance, sustainable management and by promoting and increasing awareness of the value of the countryside and historic environment to our economy and the benefits this has for both our mental and physical wellbeing.