You've got a £10k budget for marketing, how would you spend it?

Find out about the tactics you can use to build a brand in a connected marketplace using digital, print, broadcast or print, online or offline.

Whether you are building a brand or a completely new business, one of the challenges is to decide on the right channel to use to communicate with your customers and how much to spend. 

Jersey Business

Chris Morris from the inbound marketing agency Interval, will introduce and facilitate a conversation that will explore the different approaches businesses have taken to marketing their product and discuss how they:

  • Developed their overall strategy
  • Decided which channel(s) was relevant and most useful
  • Allocated budget to the different marketing activities
  • Analysed whether the activity was getting the right return on investment

Panellist are:

  • Keith Beecham, Visit Jersey - Discussing how to respond to the new channels travellers are using
  • Sam Watts, Sleepwell - Sharing how to change tactics along the growth journey
  • Paul Clark, My Pad - From online to traditional retail - how to bridge the divide

Attend this session if you are:

  • Thinking about how to market your business better
  • Changing or evolving your brand
  • Involved in marketing & promoting a business internationally
  • Having to choose between different marketing channels
  • A marketing professional