We’re delighted to launch our Spring Summer campaign which is a continuation and evolution of Jersey. Curiously Brit…(ish).

We’re inviting our visitors to tuck into woodfired pizzas from a tropical beach shack just steps away from the shoreline then paddle out into the shimmering blue waters. Hear tales of kings in exile, swashbuckling pirates and cannon fire that echoes Elizabeth Castle’s 1,500-year history across St. Aubin’s Bay or walk out to historic Seymour Tower across the seabed at low tide and bag yourself a night in perfect seclusion. Lazy lie ins guaranteed.

The autumn campaign continued to deliver a strong performance, driving an increase in appeal of Jersey in the UK, indicating that the messages have a positive impact on how Jersey is perceived and considered amongst travellers.

Spring Summer Campaign

Building on this success this campaign aims to drive awareness and interest in Jersey as a holiday destination for all seasons with a focus on bookings for spring and summer. It encourages visitors to think differently about Jersey and tap into their motivations to travel by serving up creatives that showcase a diverse range of experiences that offer a refreshingly different twist on the familiar British break.  We will continue to surprise and delight them with our curiously continental influences, which we know are appealing, providing them with compelling reasons to visit.


We know our target audience is craving new and exciting holiday experiences. Our key customer segments have been identified as Authentic Adventurers, Culture Chasers and Easy Explorers. Through qualitative research and in depth interviews we have detailed insights into their key motivations for travel, how they travel, what they are looking for in a destination, inspirational source and media consumption and what activities appeal to them. They are looking for outdoor adventure, coastal and rural landscapes, heritage and culture and food and drink. We also know that they are likely to take short breaks during the autumn months, particularly our Easy Explorers.


We have created adverts that target our individual segments, but still have a broader appeal to a wider audience. Each advert highlights Jersey’s curiously continental side by sharing a twist on the familiar British holiday. We highlight our proximity and connectivity to the UK but continue to surprise our audience with how unique, quirky and different. Jersey is as an island for all seasons.

Content distribution

There are 3 x new campaign video edits – mini discoveries that explore Jersey’s curiously continental feel.  There are 20 second and 15 second versions of the edits, along with four edits from 2022 which have been refreshed with the soundtrack and sonic sting. We have also created 3 x new newsbrand print assets.  A suite of campaign imagery and video assets are available in the media library from 22 December 2022.

We are deploying an integrated campaign to optimise consideration and decision making amongst our audience.  This will be achieved across a wide range of media channels including broadcast advertising (Live TV and VoD), Print, OOH, digital display (programmatic, display, website, SEO, PPC and social) and through partnerships with transport partners and tour operators.

How to get involved

We need your support to amplify the story, whether it is sharing the campaign messaging, using a stunning campaign image or ensuring your jersey.com listing reflects how your business will be celebrating the campaign theme. Using the campaign messaging and images will allow to get involved easily. Images and a few carefully selected words can transform your promotional effort.

Trade activation

Spring and summer in Jersey is all about fresh tastes and embracing the great outdoors.

Our airline and trade partners share specific offers and promotional deals to showcase why Jersey is so unique and Curiously Brit…(ish). Spring is a time when Jersey bursts to life, Royal Potatoes are plucked from the ground, sunshine is warming the island and even dolphins visit our shores.

Trade partner campaigns focus on enjoying the warmer months, especially when it comes to enjoying Jersey’s foodie four – locally caught oysters, Jersey lobsters, Jersey Royals and our famously creamy dairy.

Keep an eye out for campaign offers and we would we pleased to discuss your marketing ideas.

Get in touch with: [email protected] 

Closer to home

Jersey is the sunniest spot in the British Isles. So, if your customers are looking for an easy escape to a destination that is closer to home, where English is widely spoken and a place to dip a toe in turquoise waters or bask in the afternoon sun, then Jersey has it all.

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