Our Ambassador Programme

Our Ambassador Programme enables visitors to discover the real Jersey in the words of the people who live here. From a wildlife expert to a sea swimmer to a shepherd and a village deli owner, visitors can discover the life stories of Jersey’s ambassadors through the seasons. 

Our Ambassador Programme follows a set methodology, incorporating three important factors:

1. Strong sense of people

The edit embodies the story the ambassador, in their own words. We work with the ambassador to curate a narrative that reflects how they feel about Jersey, and how they live and breathe the landscape to the full all year round. 

2. Strong sense of place

The edit has a strong sense of place, drawing out unique parts of Jersey to tell the island's story, reflecting on how the locals make the most of Jersey’s island setting.

3. Accessible to visitors

Each edit much resonate with an accessible visitor experience. The edits cover authentic activities that visitors can do and enjoy when they come to discover the island break. 

Please share the ambassador video edits across your own marketing channels, and help tell Jersey's story. We'd like you to be part of helping us choose Jersey's ambassadors of the future. Perhaps they're a local personality, or someone with a unique perspective on Jersey life - who would you nominate to tell the island's story? Tell us about them. Drop us an email to: marketing@visitjersey.je